Show What Kids Know; Show How They Grow

Show What Kids Know; Show How They Grow

Students of PHS Spanish teacher, Leigh Sapp, use paint, paper, and the Blogger site to showcase their final project’s progress. Peek inside Leigh Sapp’s innovative classroom to see for yourself.

The Goal: Leigh Sapp ends her Spanish 4 classes with a group mural project her fellow teachers have developed and refined. This year, she wanted to find a way for students to record their progress digitally, allowing her to see each group’s daily work and to archive projects worth sharing with future students.

The Assignment: In groups, students picked a subject related to Latin American history and told the story through a mural, borrowing techniques from the famous muralists they studied in class.
The Tools: Poster paper, paint, five large ground covers, the Blogger site, and the Thinglink app.

Students hard at work on their murals.

The Result: Take a look at how Leigh’s students used Blogger to record their work from one day to the next. Click on the tabs at the top of their home page here to see how the students demonstrated their daily progress.

Home screen for student Blogger page.

As a formative step before their in-class presentations, Leigh asked the students to use the Thinglink app to orally explain and record the concepts behind their mural work. See an example here.

With Thinglink, students can add interactive links to images and sound recordings.

Resources from Leigh Sapp:
Feeling inspired by Leigh’s combination of both old school and new school techniques to bring out the best in her students? Feel free to look more carefully at the specific instructions, timeline, and links Leigh developed for her students.
Mural Assignment
How to Use Blogger
How to Use Thinglink
Follow more of Leigh Sapp’s innovative teaching ideas @SappLeigh.

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