Look How Teachers Can Use Medium

1. Students can use the Medium app to write from any iOS device. For teachers who are weary of trying to make the Google Drive app work in an iPad classroom, this is a godsend. (To demonstrate, Teri Buczinsky created this Medium post from her iPad.)

2. Once a post is published, students can turn in work to a teacher by sharing a link.

3. Students can also share work through a tag used for a particular assignment. By searching for the tag, teachers and other students will have access to all the student posts. Anyone with access can leave a response as feedback.

4. Although the creative options involved in posting through the Medium app are more limited than the options available from a laptop or desktop computer, students can still include photos and links with their writing.

5. If students want to edit a post, add video, add captions, or create more complicated design elements, they can do so by logging onto their account from a laptop or home computer. Students can also use a home computer to post their work as “unlisted” rather than public. (Note: Even public posts are unlikely to be viewed unless a student uses tags.)

6. Teachers can use a learning management system like Schoology to collect links in a single discussion, allowing students to easily interact with each other’s posts without having to follow each other on Medium.

7. To share and celebrate student work, teachers can either create a Medium post that links to the best of student work, or they can create a publication that collects student posts in one place. Both the teacher’s post and the publication can then be shared with parents, students, and other teachers.

Watch out, Medium. You are in the classroom now.

Originally posted by Teri Buczinsky to the Prospect Innovators blog on Medium.

Author: Matt Hamilton

Teaching & Learning Facilitator Instructional Coach at Prospect High School Google Educator Apple Teacher

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